Your Success is My Success

Your business matters to me. My greatest motivation is seeing your business succeed.  Yet success can be hard to accomplish if too much of your time is spent on people issues.

For decades, reports have consistently shown that over 7 out of 10 employees are NOT happy in their jobs. Sadly, most blame poor leadership, lack of directive management, poor communication, conflict, lack of purpose…these are all people related issues.

As a People Strategist, my purpose is to combat those statistics.  I want people to love their jobs and the businesses they work for to thrive.  To do that, I specialize in building trust and rapport with your team members, determining the issues and identifying the changes that are needed so that people feel valued, have purpose, and use their best skill set.  Your business grows when your people grow.

I regard the work I do as an opportunity to make a difference.  To that end, my services continue beyond just figuring out the solution. I identify which systems would help you and your team the most.  I work with you through the entire implementation, communicate with your teams, and most importantly, follow through.  I stick with you through the process.  I want to see your success come to fruition, and that your business truly benefits from the work we do together.  I genuinely care about your business and its people.   Your success is my success.

JoAnne possesses a rich blend of passion, integrity, and enthusiasm for all that she undertakes regarding today’s new ‘workplace’ reality and how it relates to her work in coaching leaders and managers to better understand and, thus, engage their multi-generational workforces. She just ‘gets it’, understands the issues, and finds creative, collaborative, common sense solutions to bring about positive change!

Elizabeth Bonner

Manager, Member Services, BC Seniors Living Association

When your teams are properly engaged and have initiative, great things happen. 
By working with me at Systems for Engaging Teams, your business will be able to:

  • Increase profit margin
  • Spend more time on productive actions rather than trying to resolve issues amongst team members
  • Discover the root cause of the problem in order to focus on the solution
  • Break down barriers of team dynamics and Silo mentality
  • Implement proven systems
  • Experience unhindered growth
  • Create and share a unified vision
  • Focus on desired results
  • Feel supported throughout the transition
  • Identify whether problematic generational gaps play a role, and how to overcome them
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Manage change more smoothly
  • Achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently

In turn, your teams will also be able to experience:

  • Reignited excitement and purpose in their jobs
  • A possible change or challenge to use their top skills
  • Motivation that will boost self-direction
  • Real collaboration
  • Being a valued and contributing member of the business
  • Team congruity
  • Mutual respect of fellow team members
  • Joy in their work
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