Over 6% of your business income is spent on talent replacement

One of the biggest reasons small businesses fail is they don’t have a clear vision or core values

61% of employees say their bosses don’t value them

74% of hiring mistakes are due to poor job description or hiring too soon

JoAnne Marlow, Employee Retention Specialist

Are you losing your best employees?

If Human Capital is the most precious commodity in your business, why are so many employees leaving prematurely? Now, more than ever, as you rebuild your business, will you know–without a doubt-who you should bring on board? Chances are you won’t. Why?


  • You don’t have the time it takes to sift through, interview and recruit from the hundreds of people searching for work
  • You may not have the extra cash to invest in a recruiter
  • You think that as long as they have the skills, they’ll do
  • You don’t have a selection process that meets your talent needs

Let’s Change That!

What would life be like if you knew exactly how to hire and retain the ideal people for your business?

What if:

  • The right people were attracted to your company and came to you?
  • Your best talent was loyal to your purpose, goals and their careers?
  • Your turnover costs were reduced by at least half?
  • Your profits grew?

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The Three Unspoken Reasons Your BEST Employees Leave

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