JoAnne E. Marlow, B. Ed (Econ & Comm), MA (Leadership & Training)

In my 20’s, I learned that 8 out of 10 employees were unhappy in their jobs!  I was shocked as I loved my job as a business instructor. Since then, I have made it my mission to change those statistics for employers and employees. I’ve taught thousands of young people, university students, and adults how to choose a career and a culture that brings them joy and purpose. On the flip side, I also train or coach business leaders to engage in a unique hiring system to attract and hire the best people for their business, resulting in increasing retention, productivity and profits.

I’ve been employed on both sides of business organizations. 

As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers; I turned our BC chapter into a thriving, profitable and vibrant chapter as President for five years. I started writing educational books at 22, and several have been best sellers. I teach diversity, inclusion, equity and unconscious bias, business communications, conflict management and organization development.

I’m privileged to be a professional speaker to large and small groups internationally, offering cutting-edge proprietary content on the five working generations, Hire Right system and change management.

Passionate about life-long learning I earned several degrees in Leadership, Business, Education and Career Coaching.

What People Are Saying

“JoAnne’s Strengths? The first word that comes to mind is “connection” – we had a mixed audience from Executives with decades under their belt, to the newly appointed team supervisor, glued to her presentation. Everyone connected with her. She’s very focused, and her responses to the business owner’s questions conveyed an experience you’d find with a veteran employee of the company. The experience to ‘connect’ is a rare find with the hundreds of speakers I’ve hired over the years.”
Peter Manianis, Sr. Vendor Manager Credit & Collections TELUS Consumer, Business and Corporate Strategies

“JoAnne was such a pleasure to have as a keynote speaker for the SFU HRSA spring event; her energy and enthusiasm really kept the audience engaged and I liked that she brought an educational aspect to her speech. She was also very kind and professional when speaking to her in person. I hope to learn more from her in the future, whether it is during other presentations or at our future events”

Laura, HRSA Co-President and SFU Candidate for BBA

“Having JoAnne as our keynote speaker at the Simon Fraser University Spring Soiree was a pleasure. Her charisma and warm personality engaged over 150 people and made organizing the event delightful. She deeply cares about students’ success and well-being at the holistic level. I could successfully discuss and plan my career path through JoAnne’s mentorship. Her passion and dedication to her work resonate deeply through her work ethic, and I am confident that her leadership is an extremely valuable asset to society.”

Yoonji Choi, HRSA Director of external SFU 4th year Business Student

“I enjoyed the systems of Dialogue Between the Decades workshop training you gave to EC and DFO employees. Your energy and enthusiasm were as refreshing as your insights on intergenerational conflict. I found great synergy between your curriculum and my mediation studies/work, so I look forward to applying your workshop’s valuable lessons”

Shelley Schnurr, Senior Litigation Research Officer, Federal Gov’t Dept. of Environmental Programs, Real Property Management Division

“I can’t tell you how often your advice and systems regarding the 7 Steps to Bridge the Workplace Generation Gap have come to my mind as I go through some Millennial staffing issues. I have now hired a woman in her late 40’s and another who’s 68 and LOVING my choices!! I really thought I was going crazy until you gave me your recommendations for my dilemma.”

Dr. Donna Little, DC

I attended training provided by JoAnne through CAPS BC. JoAnne provided top-level content and workshop facilitation. She made two hours feel like 20 minutes and left me wanting more. I took away a detailed manual and tons of ideas from other participants. JoAnne is a warm and dynamic speaker with the expertise to share and wants to listen to her audience.

Brian Barth, BA (Hons), MA, C.Med Investigation • Mediation • Conflict Coaching • Training • Facilitation

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