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I work with business professionals who are frustrated with losing good people; costing money and time to replace them. With my proven systems, you will find how to attract only those great people who are ideal for the job and share your business’s core values. You can then focus your time on being the leader you are, with a dynamic, productive team by your side.

Download: 7 Secrets Why Your Best Employees Leave and what you can do about it – especially now.

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Keynote Presentations
  • Hire Power: How to Hire and Retain Your Best Talent
  • Keep Your Turnover Costs at Bay: Save and Accelerate Your Profits, Productivity and Retention
  • Hire Power: How to Hire and Retain Your Best Talent
  • Mastering Your Time: Create More Time in Your Day to Do the Things That are Important to You
  • 7 Steps to Bridge the Working Generation Gaps – Recognize, reward and engage your multi-gen workforce for optimum performance
  • High Performance Management – a unique system for performance reviews
  • Dialogue Between the Decades – I just don’t understand you.

Deep Dive Workshop Series

  • Where Does It Hurt? – An in-depth culture diagnosis to determine your core issue and viable resolutions. 
  • Pause, Reboot, & ReboundSuccess Strategies for Designing a “Business on Purpose”. A six-week intensive leadership masterclass to revise your purpose, goals, core values and vision.
  • Rebound with the Right People – A 12 session masterclass to determine and implement core leadership competencies, which will attract the right people for your business.

When your teams are properly engaged and have initiative, great things happen.
By working with me at Systems for Engaging Teams, your business will be able to:

  • Increase profit margin
  • Spend more time on productive actions rather than trying to resolve issues amongst team members
  • Discover the root cause of the problem in order to focus on the solution
  • Break down barriers of team dynamics and Silo mentality
  • Implement proven systems
  • Experience unhindered growth
  • Create and share a unified vision
  • Focus on desired results
  • Feel supported throughout the transition
  • Identify whether problematic generational gaps play a role, and how to overcome them
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Manage change more smoothly
  • Achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently

In turn, your teams will also be able to experience:

  • Reignited excitement and purpose in their jobs
  • A possible change or challenge to use their top skills
  • Motivation that will boost self-direction
  • Real collaboration
  • Being a valued and contributing member of the business
  • Team congruity
  • Mutual respect of fellow team members
  • Joy in their work

Some Businesses I’ve served

  • Government of Canada
  • Conwest Development
  • Alex Stroshin Management
  • North Vancouver School District
  • Delta School District
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Human Resources Management Association
  • Fraser International College
  • Junior Achievement of BC
  • BC Hydro
  • Richmond Adult Day Care Centre
  • Vancouver General Hospital
  • ADIA International
  • CPHR (BC & Yukon)
  • BC Society of Rheumatology
  • City of North Vancouver
  • Vancouver YMCA
  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • EWomen Network International
  • Capilano University
  • BC Provincial Government
  • Vancouver Board of Trade
  • Superior Restoration
You may be eligible for a Grant towards my Services.

Contact JoAnne at now to determine your specific training needs and to see whether you and your company can qualify.

As the new President of the Vancouver/BC Chapter of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), JoAnne has provided us with a rejuvenating breath of innovation and leadership. Her ability to lead our Board in such a team oriented fashion is a credit to her skills and insight into human behaviour.

Scott Armstrong

Igniting Your Possible, CAPS BC & Vancouver Finance Board Member

I enjoyed the systems of the Dialogue Between the Decades workshop training you gave our employees.  Your energy and enthusiasm were as refreshing as your insights on intergenerational conflict.  I am looking forward to applying the valuable lessons learned from your workshop.

Shelley Schnurr

Sr. Litigation Research Officer, Federal Dept. of Environmental Programs, Real Property Management Division

JoAnne possesses a rich blend of passion, integrity, and enthusiasm for all that she undertakes regarding today’s new ‘workplace’ reality and how it relates to her work in coaching leaders and managers to better understand and, thus, engage their multi-generational workforces.

Elizabeth Bonner

CPHR Certified Professional in Human Resources, Stakeholder Engagement, Workplace Wellness

She is quite literally a shining example of what is possible when just one person puts their minds, hearts, and souls into a project with focus and intent.

Kim Fulcher

CEO, Compass Coaching Inc.

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