Pre-requisite: 7 Ways To Bridge The Generation Gap In The

Length: 20 hours – Three days


The best communicators inspire and motivate people, help them to take effective action, and remove obstacles to their understanding.  However, we’ve all received incomprehensible, jargon-ridden messages, and we’ve experienced the misunderstanding, frustration and missed opportunities that come with them. Creating a meaningful two-way dialogue, let alone talking to many, is not as easy as you would think. In fact, poor communication is one of the biggest complaints of most members of an organization. Most managerial work happens through talking – discussions, meetings, presentations, training. And it is through dialogue that managers evaluate others and are themselves, judged. Learning and practicing effective communication skills will help to eliminate the possible friction that may happen in your organization’s culture.

How can you possibly adapt to four or more different communication styles from people ages 18-75+ years at one event? How can you and your team learn from each other’s experiences and create trust, respect, and friendship? How can you resolve the challenges caused by miscommunication and inappropriate behavior? In this highly interactive training program, you will learn to create positive inter-generational dialogue and open up unlimited possibilities.

Participants leave this workshop with the ability to:

  • Understand and practice the fundamentals of communication
  • Recognizing the signs if misunderstood
  • Differentiating the different styles of communication used by people and how it also differs with each generation.
  • Determine and use the basic communications of active listening
  • Understand the power of building rapport with others while in a role playing activity
  • Learning the consequences of breaking rapport in building a relationship
  • Practicing building rapport with people of different generations
  • Identify and understand the communication styles of people in your workplace
  • Assertively manage challenging conversations at work
  • Determine which style of communication is best for different situations
  • Observe the power of positive and negative thoughts and words


Employees and volunteers of all ages, managers, business owners, program directors and HR specialists would find this training current, innovative, and useful for an organization of any size where effective communication techniques would be an asset to get things done right…the first time.


Time Allotted: Three – 6.5 hour Instructional days – Fifteen modules
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (with 60 minutes for breaks)

Course Content:


Module One: Overview of the Training program and Outcomes – 45 Min.

Module Two: Review of the Different Communication styles of multi-generations  – 45 Min.

  • Differentiate the similarities and differences of each generation
  • Preferences of communication

Module Three: Fundamentals of Communicating – 180 Min.

  • What is needed for communication
  • Review of basic fundamental of communication
  • Characteristics of the Communication Patterns
  • Guided Activity
  • Challenges of communication – group discussion

Module Four: The Power of Rapport – 120 Min.

  • Rapport: It’s not what you think
  • What is it? Why does it matter?
  • Types of communication learners
  • What are the signs of having rapport?


Module Five: Review of Building Rapport and the consequences of breaking it – 60 Min.

  • Review the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic communication styles
  • Practice conversations using rapport
  • Switch partners in practice

Module Six: The Art of Listening and Being Curious – 60   Min.

  • What does listening sound and look like?
  • Why is this important?
  • The benefits to being curious at the workplace

Module Seven: Getting To Know Your Clients And Employees – 60 Min.

  • Setting your intention
  • Great ways to ask questions to find the answers
  • Typical and not so typical questions – from small talk to serious discussions

Module Eight: Multiple Communication Styles For Multiple Generations – 30 Min.

  • The languages of the generations and their preferences
  • Preferences in communication

Module Nine: Flexibility In Learning And Communicating Preferences – 60 Min.

  • Accepting and being flexible in your communication styles
  • Reactions on communication language of multi-generations
  • Respecting each other by what we say

Module Ten: Practicing What We Preach – 120 Min.

  • Role playing with the generational conversation
  • Situational role playing


Module Eleven: Review and Handling Courageous Conversations With Grace – 90 Min.

Module Twelve: Practicing What You’ve Learned So Far – Role-Playing – 120 Min.

  • Situational and challenging roles in communication

Module Thirteen: Is There Really Constructive Criticism? It’s All In How You Say It. – 90 Min.

  • Giving feedback effectively
  • Positive versus negative feedback
  • Managing unwarranted criticism with self-questioning techniques
  • Receiving Feedback and learning from it

Module Fourteen: Creating A Template For Written Communication – 60 Min.

  • Writing letters
  • Writing a report
  • Creating a one-page executive summary

Module Fifteen: Completion and Wrap Up – 30 Min.

  • Final questions and statements
  • Hand out Certificates of completion

Delivery Method:

Instructor-lead; in-person instruction. This is an interactive, activity-based course, so come prepared to participate, listen, learn and take notes for immediate application in your workplace.


Participants are assessed on their attendance and active participation in the class discussion, which should solidify their comprehension of the material covered. A certificate of completion is given to each participant who meets the assessment satisfactorily.


10 – 32 participants. If your organization wishes to have a larger (or private) group at one time, please contact the instructor for a private arrangement.

Available Dates:

Choose any one of the following dates in 2017

Summer Intake:
Day 1: July 26, Day2: July 27, Day 3: August 8
Day 1: September 6, Day2: September 8, Day 3: September 26

*Organizations who wish their entire team(s) to be trained can arrange for other convenient  dates with the Trainer.


To be determined

For organizations that wish to have a team trained, you may prefer to use your location, if suitable.


Two Courses (Four-day) Series includes:

  • 7 Steps to Bridging the Workplace Generation Gap ($697)
  • Dialogue Between the Decades ($2788)

Cost Per Person: Save: $491 on this bundle: $2297 (+ $114.85 GST) = $2411.85

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